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Boost | 12.5" Pro Bolt Glass Water Pipe Bong

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This Boost Bolt Glass Bong is an exciting piece of glass art that will give you provide you with super-duper hits! It is made of a sturdy heat proof borosilicate glass, formed in the shape of a bolt lightning tube. You can place your favorite herbs on the detachable bowl, coming with a handle, for easily lifting it up and cleaning it at your convenience. The bowl connects to a removable downstem through a sure ground of 14.5mm joint. 

The intricate body has an awesome design that fits snugly in your hand. The design is capped off by the black Boost logo along the tube, the whole set-up ends up in a slide mouthpiece ring.

The bong comes with an 14mm bowl, a removable downstem, and a carb hole. The carb hole allows the user to clear smoke from the bong without having to remove the bowl. 

You can not beat this quality or style for this price!


  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Socket: 18.8mm
  • Shape: Straight
  • Diameter: 40
  • Color: Black
  • Height: 33cm (approx. 12.5 inches)
Boost | 12.5" Pro Bolt Glass Water Pipe Bong Boost