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Empire Glassworks Owl Themed Hand Pipe

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This 4 inch heady Owl themed hand pipe from Empire Glassworks features an array of vibrant colors and designs that really make this hand pipe a work of art. The dark tubing features an incredible worked raised leaves, which leads to a super detailed textured owl face bowl. 

The face of the owl is made up of a beak, a pair of eyes, and eyebrows. While the eyebrows are made from brown colored glass, the beak is a solid black color. The eyes, however, are more distinct because they are made from pink and yellow infused glass. The owl's feet are located underneath the bowl, which acts as a roll stop and stabilizes the pipe on a flat surface. Furthermore, the wings of the owl are located on opposite sides of the bowl; these glass wings also function as grip for your hand.

This piece is hand-blown with super thick, high quality borosilicate glass in California by Empire Glassworks!! Truly a work of art from a company that takes their craftsmanship very seriously.

Empire Glassworks Owl Themed Hand Pipe Empire Glassworks
Empire Glassworks Owl Themed Hand Pipe Empire Glassworks